Blue Ocean Strategy

Next Seminar – 19th -20th May 2016; CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL, Nairobi

When: 19th -20th May 2016: Crowne Plaza

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How Blue Is Your Ocean?

  • Is your company facing heightened competition from domestic and international rivals?
  • Do your sales representatives increasingly argue they need to offer deeper and deeper price discounts to make sales?
  • Are you finding you need to advertise more to get noticed in the marketplace, yet the impact of each advertising shilling spent is falling?
  • Is your company focused more on cost cutting, quality control, and brand management at the expense of growth, innovation, and brand creation?
  • Do you blame your slow growth on your market?
  • Do you see outsourcing to low cost companies or countries as a principal prerequisite to regain competitiveness?
  • Are mergers and acquisitions the principal means your company sees to grow?
  • Is it easier to get funding to match a strategic move made by your competitor than it is to get internal funding to support a strategic move that allows you to break away from the competition?
  • Is commoditization of offerings a frequent worry of your company?
  • List your key competitive factors; now list your competition’s. Are they largely the same?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, then your company is stuck in the red ocean. Blue ocean strategy offers you a way to swim out of the red ocean filled with sharks. It presents a theory, tools, and frameworks to allow your company to break away from the competition and create a blue ocean of new market space.

The Training Outcomes?

  1. Enhance internal diagnosis and integrated ability
  2. Utilise framework of Blue Ocean Strategies, making competition irrelevant
  3. Creating new uncontested innovative marketplace
  4. Align the whole company’s activities in pursuit of differentiation and low cost
  5. Understand the foundation principles to apply Blue Ocean Strategy from analysing world class multiple case studies
  6. Able to reconstruct Market boundaries
  7. Develop Strategic Thinking beyond the box
  8. Implement Power Value Innovations

Lead Trainer Profile – Gavin Fraser

Gavin is dedicated to transforming clients’ businesses, using the strategy and management theories developed by Professors Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne of INSEAD (‘Blue Ocean Strategy’, ‘Fair Process’, ‘Value Innovation’, ‘Tipping Point Leadership’). Gavin has known and worked closely with the Professors since 1991 since they partnered in undertaking the transformation of several divisions of Philips Electronics.

He leads several BOS institutions across the World and is an Associate of Prof. Kim and Mauborgne of INSEAD, France. He is the foremost contributor to the creation of the Blue Ocean Leadership framework.

Gavin’s clients include the Prime Minister’s Office and Public Services of Singapore, multiple government departments in Malaysia including Education, Police and Health Care. His private sector clients include Norwich Union General and Life Insurance, Shell Oil, Jo Malone, Kimberly Clark (Latin America), LG Electronics (Korea), Suncorp Group (Australia), Aegis, Airplus, McCarthy and Stone, Cadbury UK and many others. Typically this work involves developing and implementing a new business strategies as well as designing a high value/low cost business model and implementing this. A major component of this work is leadership development and culture and performance transformation.

Your Investment

KES 54,999 exclusive. of taxes.
(The fees do not include accommodation).

Bring 3 and the fourth one Gets in free.

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What do you get for your investment?

  • Two days with BOS Experts (value of Kes 320,000.00) if you hired them at your firm
  • A branded CD of materials on BOS (value of Kes 28,000.00).
  • Free Access to our Library of Materials and Articles (value of Kes 5,000.00 monthly).
  • A one day follow-up/coaching at your offices – if your firm brings more than 4 persons (value of Kes 180,000.00).
  • Lunch and Tea/ Coffee included both days. We will feed you and fill you with coffee to make sure you have the stamina to participate at full throttle both days.


We Offer You Hands-on learning experiences, how-to approaches for getting results, and practitioner networking opportunities.

Who Should Attend?

  • CEOs/ COOs/ CFO/ General Managers / Branch Managers
  • Marketing, Brand and Sales Managers
  • For entrepreneurs interested in developing their business par excellence and is ahead of competitors

Blue Ocean Leadership applies to all organisations which have an ocean of disengaged employees and need a step change in leadership strength.

Specifically, Blue Ocean Leadership applies to:

  • Governments
  • Corporations
  • Non-profits
  • And across small, medium and large size organizations.

You don’t have to wait for your organisation to start a blue ocean leadership initiative. You can start in your own unit with the people you lead.

Who Are We?

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